Office 2019 Version 1910 Build 12130.20184 / 1902 RTM Free Download Software Full Version

Office 2019 Version 1910 Build 12130.20184 / 1902 RTM

Office 2019 is the name of Microsoft’s new software suite. Office 2019 includes 12 separate software. The Microsoft Office suite is the most popular and of course the most powerful office suite in the world. The breadth and breadth of this software suite is such that it is impossible for competitors to achieve its position.

The software available in Office 2019 is specifically designed and delivered for each specific task. As it is not for anyone, you will need this software for everything. It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a staff member, you will still need to have this suite of software on your system.

The new version of Office 2019, released in October 2018, has come with significant improvements. Improving the software interface in this suite has made it easier and easier for you to use this suite of tools and tools. The software tools available in Microsoft software have also changed.

Applications in the Office 2019 suite:

  • Word 2019
  • Excel 2019
  • Powerpoint 2019
  • Access 2019
  • Outlook 2019
  • Publisher 2019
  • OneNote 2019
  • Skype For Business 2019
  • OneDrive For Business 2019
  • Project Professional 2019
  • Vision Professional 2019

As you know, each of these 12 software has its own unique features and capabilities. Also, as mentioned, Office 2019 has undergone some modifications to the software.

required system

Operating Systems

Office 2019 Works only on Windows 10

Office 2019 Pictures

Office 2019

Installation guide

The Office 2019 software suite can only be installed and run on Windows 10 operating systems .

For now, the best option to enable this version of Office 2013-2019 C2R Install is KMS Tools Portable, available from here ; you must first go to the Utilities tab and use Office RETAIL => VL, Office Edit Change from Retail to Volume, then apply crack.

The release of the MSDN channel is the same as the RTM version of Retail Edition, and for this version, the Volume Edition is not released as ISO;

Update: The RTM version, released March 12, was released in early April.

A tool for extracting various software from Professional Plus editing, which does not require downloading other applications such as Visio Pro and Project Pro, and allows you to install software selectively.

Exact Specifications of RTM Version 12 March ؛

Office 2019 Version 1902 Build 11328.20158 March 12

 File Name:  ProPlus2019Retail.img
SHA-1: ea655817332dea96db4f32ed0c6b4c703dbebbea

Specifications of other files to be downloaded or extracted;

542caaf5e17e4d3cb2bb0069272805648536d324 * Access2019Retail.img

4a8241efb6f4cc93b024082fa9ee47ef17cc50bc * Excel2019Retail.img

a2ca96c9f3bb09f8f6ad52b82cc42353212f5036 * HomeBusiness2019Retail.img

eabe322ff952bc6f6bbfbf57f40c1f7f02f540e8 * HomeStudent2019Retail.img

a2bd3f33820f58c15597959a90ed1140d75ce851 * O365BusinessRetail.img

8f11be6f6507b49196867d5b9ac66b066d8e1862 * O365HomePremRetail.img

6145f3c75c1e151d76e1ceed9e4926651fc91b90 * O365ProPlusRetail.img

08b48919a096b9fe29597668d0e48d50cadaa7d9 * Outlook2019Retail.img

1e8923649783913fea90d48dc68c736a50c242fa * PowerPoint2019Retail.img

8a6180043f7f0f3e21c28548b299ec4d3ac120dd * Professional2019Retail.img

e4a19e39bebd7d0dfb9ba0288bf042f7dddff2ad * ProjectPro2019Retail.img

d180f18e3461491a2844051b6b81d3cd3df8f7ad * ProjectStd2019Retail.img

ce3abb5071c6da137a92d1b595767c2bb3d59087 * Publisher2019Retail.img

5ab29cef5494b4fbc78f96497c6f2e77c96bfc02 * VisioPro2019Retail.img

2ce0cd315e7ee060bd020d27db0a737b1fc71889 * VisioStd2019Retail.img

5e8b2e76ef3d7c444cf5d0c61ce790986eb2abdf * Word2019Retail.img

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus Retail-VL Version 1910 Build 12130.20184 Multilanguage 2019 x86

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Download Section 3 – 1 GB

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus Retail-VL Version 1910 Build 12130.20184 Multilanguage 2019 x64

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Download Section 4 – 0.97 GB

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Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2019 Version 1902 Build 16.0.11328.20158 Retail RTM x86-x64

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Download part 2 – 1 GB

Download Section 3 – 1 GB

Download Section 4 – 405 MB

Download SVF Extractor for Office2019

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Office Training Video Reference (in Farsi) – Click


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